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Our first gig as travel poker dealers with MSPT

Updated: Apr 28, 2022


Ace and I actually started recording in December of 2021 to re-start 2 Doves Nation. Our first traveling poker dealer gig, which happened to be at Canterbury Park in Shakopee Minnesota, was with MSPT (Mid-State Poker Tournament).

We left our rig in Las Vegas, flew to Minnesota and got a rental car for the duration of our stay. The day we arrived in Minneapolis, the weather was beautiful, sunshine with a high in the 40s. We checked into the hotel and got our gaming badges for the tournament.

I'll have to admit, I was very nervous about working this tournament. My only experience as a poker dealer was with the WSOP in Las Vegas and here I was in Minnesota with 20 or so dealers who had years of experience. In the end, I felt very welcomed and encouraged by everyone working with MSPT. The tournament director, Jeremy Smith, took a chance with hiring Ace and I without an audition or interview.

Overall the event was a huge success. There was a great turnout, despite the snowstorm. 4 days into the event, the first snowfall of December decided to show up. Overnight, Shakopee got over 12 inches of snowfall 😳. In the end, the snow wasn't as bad as Ace and I thought it would be. Minnesota gets plenty of snow and is prepared when it comes.

The video is mainly of us preparing for the event. Unfortunately, video recording taken by staff is highly discouraged. Because of this, Ace and I are not able to get footage of the tournament itself. Hopefully this will change future. We hope you enjoy the video. Keep Soaring 2DN.

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