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Peek at the Massanutten Resort in Virginia

How we found out about the Massanutten Resort?

Ace and I are always looking for new places to experience. We love the thrill of exploring new areas whether we're taking a drive, walking through a historic district, or even enjoying a pint at local watering hole and people watching. That is one of the reasons we wanted the traveling lifestyle. Many times we stay at local spots or at RV Parks, but this time was a little different.

Ace found the Massnutten Resort through the Armed Forces Vacations Club. The AFV is available for active military, veterans, retirees, and Civilian Employees of the DoD providing discounted time share rentals, vacation planning and travel packages. This is not the first time we've used AFV to find a slice of home on the road.

What is the Massanutten Resort?

In the video below, I give a peek into what Massanutten is. is a MASSIVE planned community with a ski resort. The resort has several hotels and time shares that are available for rent, but within the resort, there are privately owned homes. When you stay on the resort you have access to all sorts of amenities. There are also paid planned activities that you can scheduled.

Ace said "It reminds of the hotel from Dirty Dancing. You a retreat that you stay at for a while." That's exactly how it feels. There are so many things to do.

Why we choose Massanutten?

Ace and I were starting to get a little tired of hotel hopping and missing some of the conveniences of home. Massanutten enabled us to find a place to stay for a week that included things like a full kitchen, things-to-do, and a feeling of home. We were able to relax, but also work on some things for the channel and 2 Doves Nation.


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