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2 Doves Nation is back at it!

When Ace and I decided to hit the record button, we were excited and nervous all over again. We couldn't believe that it had been over a year since we last posted a video. It's amazing how time seems to crawl by one day and flashes by you at the speed of light the next.

When the world stood still, like many people, Ace and I were questioning a lot of things........

Did we make the right choice to become casino dealers? Will we be able to travel anymore? When would we be able to go back to work? These questions and many more ran through our heads. Then we finally got a call to go back to the casinos. Las Vegas started opening things back up and we started WORKING.

Ace and I were so busy, but we still tried to make some Vegas inspired videos. Even after moving into an apartment and selling the Bird House (Casita Freedom Deluxe). Then we started to get burnt out. Ace was working at one casino, I at another. We were both working the graveyard shift and didn't feel like doing much of anything after getting home from work.

Fast Forward to April 2021 the decision was made to go to West Coast Dealing School. We decided to try something a little different from casino dealing or "table games" as it's called in the industry. Poker dealing opened some new doors for us. We purchased a new travel trailer and started living in it while still in Vegas. We dealt our first WSOP (World Series of Poker) event in Vegas September 2021. During the series, we were able to make connections and learned a great deal more about being traveling poker dealers and following the circuit events around the US.

Here we are now, 2022. We aren't poker dealing pros yet, not by a long shot. However, Ace and I have done several events and are currently traveling the East Coast, following the circuit and dealing poker. We are working the same hours, same building, and often times only yards away from each other. Working the circuit, most events only last 2 weeks, giving us time to explore our surroundings before the next gig. Unfortunately, we did have to leave our new to us travel trailer in storage because we need a better tow vehicle.

So here we are full circle......2 Doves Nation is back on the road and sharing our adventures sans the "Bird House", but we're working on that. We hope to continue sharing our journey with you and making new friends along the way. As always Keep Soaring 2DN.

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